Nissan continues to honour commitment towards developing auto-industry in Ghana

Following the appointment of Japan Motors Trading Company (JMTC) as Nissan Group of Africa’s vehicle assembly partner in Ghana, Nissan continues to leverage on that opportunity and cement its commitment to the growth and development of the auto-manufacturing industry in the country.

As Africa’s oldest democracy, Ghana has long been a strategic market for international manufacturers. With its stable economy and highly skilled workforce, the country is brimming with opportunity.

A key priority and a large component of that mandate is skill development and localisation. The Ghanaian government, for instance, has made technology transfer a mandatory requirement in order to obtain a manufacturing licence in the country.

Ten out of the 40 employees hired at the JMTC assembly plant, which will later this year begin to assemble the Nissan Navara, will therefore receive training in Nissan South Africa for two months, demonstrating the best in intra-Africa collaboration, and the importance of fostering growth and creating opportunity for talent on the continent.

“We [also] recently received over 500 applications for six jobs advertised, highlighting the volume of expertise in the country and the level of affinity towards the Nissan brand in Ghana,” adds Salem Kalmoni, Managing Director of Japan Motors. JMTC has also chosen to hire locally at senior levels such as the plant managers, to ensure sustainability within the industry.

According to industry data, the manufacturing industry is expected to account for at least 30% of the GDP in Ghana and the main driver for the growth will be the automobile industry. As Ghana seeks to be an integrated industrial hub within West Africa, Nissan continues to support the country, working closely with the Ghanaian government to ensure this becomes a reality.

“The recent visit from the Government Head of automotive policy, and his subsequent inspection, highlight the Government’s commitment to ensuring the success of the assembly plant. We are proud that the Government is satisfied with the progress we have made thus far, and we look forward to maintaining close communication," Mr Kalmoni said.

“As Ghana commences its 64th year of independence and looks forward to the years ahead, we must thank the Government for its unwavering support and dedication toward building the auto-industry. I would also like to extend my congratulations to H.E President Nana Akufo-Addo, Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Alan Kyerematen and the citizens of Ghana for a successful and peaceful election”, Mr Kalmoni added.

About Nissan in Africa

Nissan’s Regional Business Unit in Africa serves 42 Sub-Saharan Africa markets with 14.7% market share and 37 national sales companies across the continent.

In total, the company offers a range of 24 vehicles to retail and commercial customers in the region. South Africa serves as a light-commercial vehicle manufacturing hub for the region with its Rosslyn plant northwest of Pretoria producing the NP200, NP300 and forthcoming all-new Nissan Navara.

The South Africa plant employs approximately 2000 employees with additional assembly plants located in Nigeria and Ghana.