Japan Motors introduces new Foton trucks

Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd., sole distributors of Foton range of vehicles, has launched three new Foton models namely, Foton Auman Energy Super Truck (EST), M-Series Aumark Light Duty Truck and the TM (Mini Cargo Truck). The EST is positioned as the professional logistic solution provider for long haul transportation for industries such as oil and gas, cocoa, construction.

It offers a service interval of every 30,000km, and a warranty of two years or 200,000km whichever comes first while the M Series comes in six and eight tonnes pay load, designed to provide solutions to intercity and inner-city logistics.

The TM model, on the other hand, comes with a payload of up to two tonnes for inner-city delivery.

The General Manager, Sales & Marketing, JMTC, Mr Amine Kabbara, reiterated that the introduction of the new Foton trucks was in line with the company’s commitment to provide solutions for all range of road transportation from regional long haul, intercity and inner-city for both passenger and cargo transport, offering the best and most affordable solutions.

He observed that Foton had over the years made strategic joint ventures with international bodies such as Daimler, Cummins, ZF gearbox and other multinationals to ensure continuous improvement on its products as such was optimistic the new models being introduced would be relevant for today’s fast-growing businesses.

Mr Kabbara seized the opportunity to announce that Foton International had given the nod to Japan Motors to set up an assembly plant in Ghana by 2020 to boost sales and promote Ghana’s automobile industry.

The Foton-Brand Sales Manager, JMTC, Mr Abdul Rahaman Osman, urged the transport sector to target the new Foton models being unveiled, observing that, Foton Auman had gone through series of improvement and innovations based on the company’s focus on technological advancement.

He pointed out that the New Foton Energy Super Truck was designed based on five thematic concepts which are: Super Power, Super Safety, Super Comfortable, Easy maintenance and most economical.

The super comfortability of the truck enables drivers to transport goods for longer distance across borders with less fatigue on roads. It’s enhanced on both interior and exterior coupled with safety features, (ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Easy Maintenance and Fuel saving Engine (ISG).

It offers consumers with 11.8L Cummins Engine, Maximum Torgue of 2,300 Nm, 6 Cylinders inline, 430 Horse Power and Euro III Emission which guarantees its environmental friendliness.

The M-Series, on the other hand, is the 4th generation of Foton Aumark Light Duty Trucks which has its body and chassis completely newly developed with payload of six and eight tons.

It’s equipped with European quality, safe, environment-friendly, practical, and of high-efficiency; internationally known brands such as Cummins ISF Engines and ZF gearbox are applied on this generation.

The TM-Mini Cargo Trucks are increasingly high-grade, environment-friendly and safe. Products are constantly updated, improves road traffic conditions, strong urban and rural logistics. It represents the most cutting-edge design trend in the world. It embodies Foton’s most advanced car-making concept and technical level.